For 30 years, I have had the privilege of providing customers with the highest standards of professional mortgage service and advice. My experience and knowledge of the constantly changing mortgage industry and local real estate market helps me provide custom tailored solutions to fit your personal financial goals. My role is to work exclusively with residential and commercial mortgage customers whether you are looking to purchase a property, transfer a mortgage, or refinance an existing mortgage.

As a Professional Mortgage Broker with Verico House of Mortgage Experts (VHME) and The Romano Mortgage Group, I am able to offer my customers some of the most innovative residential and commercial lending products available in the marketplace today. I will discuss with you the variety of options available and recommend the best solution to meet your individual needs.

I can meet with you at your convenience even outside of normal banking hours, including weekends and evenings, to suit your schedule. My goal is to make your mortgage experience as comfortable as possible, and to “Always Strive to be your Trusted Mortgage Advisor for Life”.

"I want to enjoy my retirement, How do I begin the process?"

A Great place to start is to educate yourself about the process and the costs of setting up A reverse mortgage in Canada get the free Reverse Mortgage Guide for Canadian Retirees to start learning about them.

"We have enough income every month, but we want to give some money to our children, can we use a reverse mortgage to do this?"

Yes you certainly can use it for that purpose and quite a few Retirees set up a reverse mortgage for exactly this reason.

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